[Jslib] Updating JSLib

Gerald Saul hotrod55 at bigplanet.com
Mon Dec 22 07:51:04 EST 2003

I recently attempted to update my JSLib extension for Moz 1.5 and run 
into a lot of problems.

The first, I think, may have been that I copied the .xpi file to my 
computer and then ran it locally, rather than just left-clicking the 
link on the installation page.

However, something I found out after I finally got JSLib to upgrade, was 
on the TagZilla site where David Perry relates that he's had trouble 
with the most recent JSLib build and had to delete the older build 
before the new build would be seen by Mozilla.

So this all brings me to my question, how would I go about deleting the 
version of JSLib on my computer, before updating so that I don't run 
into this problem all over again?

Thanks for your help.
Make life easier

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