[Jslib] utf-8 encoding any SAXParser

Con Hennessy con.hennessy at propylon.com
Mon Dec 15 12:37:56 EST 2003

Hi all,
	I am able to parse and load an XML file with SAXParser.
However the xml file contains utf-8 strings which do not seem to be loaded 
correctly ( or at least they do not seem to be displayed correctly when I do 
an alert() of the string which bas been read from the file.

Should teh SAXParser already be able to handle this ?

Con Hennessy

P.S. An example of my xml file is :
<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<sponsors><sponsor>An Tánaiste agus Aire Fiontar, Trádála agus Fostaí
ochta</sponsor><sponsor>An tAire Talmhaíochta agus Bia</sponsor></sponsors>

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