[Jslib] JSLib Uninstaller Documentation

Brian King brian at mozdev.org
Mon Dec 15 13:20:50 EST 2003

On 13.12.2003 23:42, Pete Collins wrote:

> Uninstall doc should go here I think.
>   http://jslib.mozdev.org/libraries/install/install.html

I liked to the new doc from here.

> Brian, please feel free to html'ize Neils commentary on uninstall.

Done. See:


Neil, please review. This should be the main doc for changing when 
updates need to be done. A couple of screenshots would be nice here.

Pete, not all code is checked into the Mozilla tree, so I got rid of 
this statement on the install page for now:

<p>Full source code is available under the <a 
   MPL license</a> and has been added to the core Mozilla distribution. </p>

Brian King

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