[Jslib] how to create a jar file and xul book with complete navigation

Fco Benavides fco_benavides at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 13 11:59:03 EST 2003


Where can I find how to create a jar file for a
Mozilla package under Linux ???

I have found information of how to do it under
windows, but so far nothing under Linux.  I know it
has to do with the zip utility, but have no idea of
how to use it.

Also, I have updated the XUL Book files so that now
the RDF files more easily navigate the whole book (I
used perl here).  I want to put it in a jar file and
then send it over so that it may be properly stored
for use for every one.

If I were to do the same with glossary and so, who
could tell me how to do it ???  I what the XUL
documentation to be in prime status, for I my self
will be using it for the application I will start

I must add that some html files in the xul book are
not completely wel setup and contain weird non visual
characters that cause problems (at least to me, when
creating the complete RDF files for the xul book).


Ing. Francisco Benavides
Software Developer

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