[Jslib] Uninstall UI

Neil Deakin enndeakin at sympatico.ca
Fri Dec 12 13:12:34 EST 2003

> Sorry I'll try againg with an example... I hope this is better.
> If install downloadstatusbar and check that I want it to show 
> 'Download speed' and 'Time remaining' while downloading. This is 
> downloadstatusbar specific!
> Now I uninstall the downloadstatusbar-extension.
> Perhapes I want it to remember the (downloadstatusbar specific) 
> settings even though the extension is uninstalled. I know it is the 
> extension authors responsibility but it seems logic that this is 
> option you get upon uninstall?!

It would be pretty silly to ask the user for such trivial things in this 
particular case. It should either delete the settings on uninstall or 
leave them as is. It should only ask if the user would lose important 
data such as the savegame case you mention below.

> I know its not the same but I think it illustrates my point. Sometimes 
> when I uninstall a game I'm asked if I want to leave the savegames.
> If I reinstall the extension/game later my settings/savegame for that 
> is remembered.
> Is there some way jslib could either recommend a way, or implement a 
> way to do this?

The uninstaller only removes the files and chrome settings 
automatically. If won't remove any preferences or extra things. It 
supports a JS callback which can be implemented by the 
application/extension to remove preferences. It will be called during 

/ Neil

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