[Jslib] Uninstall UI

Jacob Emcken jacob at emcken.dk
Fri Dec 12 10:36:42 EST 2003

Pete Collins wrote:
> I'm not sure I exactly understand what you mean by "configuration files"?
> Do you mean configuration files that are specific to the package?


> Can you explain or give an example of what you mean here?

I'll try... I don't even know if it is possible :)
Lets say I have installed a package, and I have changed some of the 
settings away from the default ones (if tha package has any 
configuration at all).
So now i'm not using default configuration anymore, but where are these 
settings saved?

Anyway it woud be nice if you where able to choose if you wanted to 
leave your (not defalt anymore) configuration upon uninstall.

Perhapes I have misunderstood how this works - if so i'm sorry :)


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