[Jslib] General Purpose Uninstall Wizard in jslib v0.1.114

Henrik Gemal spam at gemal.dk
Mon Dec 8 21:01:15 EST 2003

Pete Collins wrote:
> Henrik Gemal wrote:
>> Pete Collins wrote:
>>> Neil Deakin just added a very nice general purpose uninstall library 
>>> for jslib.
>>> We haven't documented this library yet, so:
>> I've installed the new jslib and have Linky installed
>> so I have:
>> oncommand="jslibUninstall('linky');"
>> but the files to uninstall is just empty and nothing is uninstalled. 
>> My files are installed in the user chrome
> For now, list your uninstallable files in your contents.rdf file.
> Eg:
>     <chrome:uninstallInfo>
>       <RDF:Seq>
>         <RDF:li>UChrm:linky.jar</RDF:li>
>       </RDF:Seq>
>     </chrome:uninstallInfo>
> See if that works. I'm not entirely sure if we have a default uninstall 
> file set hooked in yet.

it seems to work now.

Perhaps it should default to "packagename.jar"

at creation time I dont know if the user installs into user or global 
chrome so can I just have:

Or shouldn't the uninstall just detect that automaticlly?

is it UChrom or as you wrote UChrm and why not UserChrome?

Henrik Gemal, henrik at gemal.dk

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