[Jslib] Uninstall UI

Pete Collins pete at mozdev.org
Fri Dec 5 13:25:15 EST 2003

Pete Collins wrote:
> For the uninstall UI, I think the following might be a better UI:
> Screen 1 displays a short piece of text stating that a package will be 
> unistalled.
> A button on the page says "Show files to be deleted". When clicked, the 
> button hides and a listbox appears listing the files to be deleted. This 
> way, it works more like an advanced button, since I wouldn't think most 
> users would care what files were being deleted. It also reduces the 
> clicks needed for normal usage. On screen 1, the Next button will be 
> labelled "Uninstall" or perhaps "Remove".

Sounds good.

> Screen 2 will show a progress bar while uninstalling is occuring and, 
> when done, the Close or Finish button will be enabled, which just closes 
> the wizard.


> I'm not sure how to present the list of files to be deleted. Just as 
> filenames, or with full paths? That might use really long strings, and 
> in addition, displaying paths to the enduser is considered non-sensical 
> on a Mac.

File leaf names only I would think.

> Also, I think I might add an uninstall JS callback to the code, which 
> will be called during the uninstall process so that the application 
> could perform additional custom cleanup. It could be passed the files to 
> be deleted list, such that the application could add additional files 
> such as prefs or temporary files it used.

Sure. But if we close all the windows like we do in order to close any 
open filehandles, then the context wil be lost for the callback no?


Pete Collins

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