[Jslib] patch: RDFFile constructor

Chuck Musser chuckie at well.com
Wed Dec 3 22:26:08 EST 2003

Another small patch. The documentation RDFFile constructor specifies 
four arguments but the implementation only recognizes and and acts on 
two. This patch adds the missing arguments to the function definition 
and uses them in the call to _file_init(), which actually makes use of them.

In the rdf subdirectory, do a "patch < rdfFileconstructor.patch"

On a related note, I noticed that the "io" subdirectory has an rdf.js 
file that contains similar stuff to the files in "rdf". I think I tried 
include() 'ing this alternate file, but it didn't work. What is io/rdf.js?

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--- rdfFile.js.orig	Wed Dec  3 21:57:07 2003
+++ rdfFile.js	Wed Dec  3 22:02:16 2003
@@ -38,11 +38,11 @@
 const JS_RDFFILE_FLAG_DONT_CREATE = 2; // don't create RDF file (RDFFile only)
 const JS_RDFFILE_FILE             = "rdfFile.js";
-function RDFFile(aPath, aFlags) {
+function RDFFile(aPath, aFlags, aNameSpace, aID) {
   this.created = false;
   if(aPath) {
-    this._file_init(aPath, aFlags);
+    this._file_init(aPath, aFlags, aNameSpace, aID);
 RDFFile.prototype = new RDF;

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