[Jslib] Re: Uninstall UI

Brian King brian at mozdev.org
Wed Dec 3 12:15:38 EST 2003

On 2.12.2003 23:34, Pete Collins wrote:

> Actually here is what I have checked in so far Brian.
> My package has an overlay menuitem called uninstall.
>   <menupopup id="taskPopup">
>     <menu id="mypackage-menu" label="HRI Canvas">
>       <menupopup>
>         <menuitem
>             id="mypackage-item"
>             label="MyPackage"
>             oncommand="newWindow();" />
>         <menuitem
>             id="mypackage-uninstall"
>             label="Uninstall"
>             oncommand="uninstall('mypackage');" />
>       </menupopup>
>     </menu>
>   </menupopup>

Yes, this is exactly what I was thinking about. I think menu(items) 
should be labelled like this:

          --> Launch MyPackage
          --> Uninstall MyPackage

MyPackage may not be necessary in the second level items, and the menu 
containing them provides context.

>> As for the jslib package, there is no UI per se. Pete, Have you 
>> thought about putting in any jslib UI? I know currently it can only be 
>> accessed through a chrome URL.
> Currently don't need this, because the package author will provide this 
> menuitem glue above.

I was thinking of consumers of jslib that don't have a package per se, 
but are just playing around with it. For example, we get alot of 
enquiries in on how to find what version number they are using.

We could have an option to turn it off for those who are integrating 
jslib in their own package that will have menu entries.

Brian King

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