[Jslib] Re: Uninstall UI

Pete Collins pete at mozdev.org
Tue Dec 2 17:34:44 EST 2003

> What we need I believe is something similar, i.e. getting feedback from 
> the user, but perhaps in a wizard form that looks more professional. We 
> could make step 2 above nicer by listing the files that are going to be 
> deleted.

Actually here is what I have checked in so far Brian.

My package has an overlay menuitem called uninstall.

   <menupopup id="taskPopup">
     <menu id="mypackage-menu" label="HRI Canvas">
             oncommand="newWindow();" />
             oncommand="uninstall('mypackage');" />

It has a glue function below:

function uninstall (aPackage)
   include (jslib_window);
   var win = new CommonWindow(null, 400, 400);
   win.position = JS_MIDDLE_CENTER;

This will launch the jslib uninstall wizard that i'm working on at the 
moment which has three wizardpages.

So yes agree, this needs to be a real professional looking GUI.

> As for the jslib package, there is no UI per se. Pete, Have you thought 
> about putting in any jslib UI? I know currently it can only be accessed 
> through a chrome URL.

Currently don't need this, because the package author will provide this 
menuitem glue above.


Pete Collins

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