[Jslib] RDF refresh addition

Pete Collins pete at mozdev.org
Tue Dec 2 08:56:49 EST 2003

Chuck Musser wrote:
> This patch to rdf.js allows users to call the 
> nsIRDFRemoteDataSource.Refresh method from Javascript. I needed it 
> because my application modifies a file-based datasource used to build a 
> template-based XUL menu. Without a "refresh", the menu doesn't get updated.
> The patch is crude--it's basically a cut and paste of the existing 
> "flush" method, but it works for me. Someone who knows more about RDF 
> might want to audit the new method and add appropriate error checking.
> In the rdf subdirectory, do a "patch < rdfrefresh.patch"

Looks good. Bug filed and patch checked in.




Pete Collins

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