[Greasemonkey] Dochandler.js rev.1.16 (HEAD) - broken

Gareth Andrew freega at freegarethandrew.org
Fri Sep 2 17:00:24 EDT 2005


The last commit to dochandler.js which added a check for
maxSelfProgress==-1 in Dochandler.onProgressChange, doesn't work for me
on either Firefox 1.06 (Linux) or Deer Park Alpha 2.
The problem is intermittent, but seems to occur more often than not. It
seems to be site-specific but I don't see why.  Sites that i've tried
http://www.google.co.uk - Does NOT work
http://en.wikipedia.org - DOES work
http://www.xulplanet.com - Does NOT work
http://xulplanet.com/references/elemref/ -- DOES work.

For the sites that do work, maxSelfProgress is always -1 the first time
onProgressChange is called, on sites that it doesn't work on
maxSelfProgress is never -1, and onProgressChange gets called repeatedly
until the document loads.
I would love to submit a patch, but i don't know what problems this
commit was meant to fix, and I can't really explain the behaviour of
maxSelfProgress (perhaps its a mozilla bug?).  Hope this helps somebody.


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