[Greasemonkey] Greasemonkey 0.6.3

Bill Donnelly donnelly at snowcrest.net
Sun Oct 16 23:19:12 EDT 2005

I discovered what looks like is at least part of the problem
with JS/programmatically-created pages not having Gm scripts
injected. (in 0.5.3, and I think still 0.6.x)

These pages often/always have a scheme of "wyciwyg://",
so the GM_isGreasemonkeyable() function returns false.

I added this scheme to the check in the function and it
didn't correct the problem, so there must be something
else that needs correction, too.

The created page has the originating page's URL in the
browser address bar, but, if you bookmark the created page,
you will get a URL like:


(the zero changes sometimes, unknown in what algorithmic manner,
if any, or random, or whatever)

It might have something to do with the created page being
intimately linked to the page from which it was spawned,
and this might be confusing Gm, making it think the page
is the same page as the originating page and already has Gm
injected, or something like that.

I didn't spend a lot of time on it, so, if this info
sparks any ideas from anyone...

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