[Greasemonkey] Greasemonkey 0.6.3

Jeremy Dunck jdunck at gmail.com
Mon Oct 17 00:44:37 EDT 2005

So, changes in this rel:
x Remove prefs when removing scripts.
x arguments.join and IURI fixes for DPb2

I've tested most APIs (set/get, xmlhttpreq, menu command), and it
generally seems to be working.

Please test it out.  If no major pain, I'll update greaseblog with it
tomorrow, since 0.6.2 is broken in 1.5b2.


Gareth, I meant to get the gm_import patch applied, but it's against
head, and the v0_6 branch doesn't have dochandler.js, so the patch
fails.  I can manually merge into the new /components/greasemonkey.js,
but I'm running out of time for now.  Sucky, that's the feature I
wanted this release.  :)

Aaron, you have a TODO to set sandbox.__proto__ = wrapper(unsafe)
pending on moz bug 307005.  It's fixed, but didn't make the change
since I'm not totally confident what it's for, and I'd rather be safe
than sorry.

Also, I dunno what to do with the XPTs.. I think they need to be
regenned if the service interfaces change, but shouldn't that be part
of build.sh?

I updated the contribs list in LICENSE and in install.js/install.rdf.

Since we're under MIT now, I took at the contribs list on the
individual files; the LICENSE file should do.  Contribs are still
listed in the install.rdf, of course.

Ori, if you want your URL included in the contribs list, please supply it.

JP (Taral), same.
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