[Greasemonkey] Modifying other authors' GmScripts

Nikolas Coukouma lists at atrus.org
Thu May 26 13:14:08 EDT 2005

Matthew Gertner wrote:

>>And I say that all this legal apparatus does society more harm than
>>good.  And -that's- the real bitch.
>No argument there. But we have to accept the current, sucky situation for
>what it is. There's a reason that every f-ing piece of software out there
>has a useless EULA that no one reads; i.e. the same reason that every public
>toilet in the state of California has a sign telling you in excrutiating
>detail exactly when in the course of your daily routine you need to wash
>your hands.
Well, I haven't clicked through a EULA for most of my free (as in beer)
software. They seem to get by just fine with including a file labeled
LICENSE and a note in the docs and source ... This does include popular
utilities like rm - destroyer of files, raper of operating systems.

-Nikolas Coukouma

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