[Greasemonkey] About Trixie from the horse's mouth

Trixie Dev trixiedev at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 14:37:22 EDT 2005

I sent mail to Aaron and Mark Pilgrim in response to their comments on
the mailing list and Mark suggested that I might as well post it to
the mailing list. So, now that I subscribed to the list, here goes.

I wrote Trixie for fun (while on vacation) because I happen to
frequently use IE (for some reasons as cited on the web site) and
wanted to have fun like all you Greasemonkey users. I wrote it for
myself, but then decided to post it on the web, so others could use it
too. I literally spent around 3-4 hours on it, so didn't spend too
much time thinking about licensing, copyrights and all that. So, if I
offended anybody with the use of their scripts without the associated
license info tacked on, my apologies. It wasn't intentional. I have
updated the Butler derived script at
http://www.bhelpuri.net/Trixie/Scripts/RemoveGoogleAds.user.js with
the appropriate licensing info and will release an updated installer
with the updated script as well.

I will also update the other scripts written by me to include the MIT
license - as in free to do what you want with it. BTW, almost all the
scripts at http://www.bhelpuri.net/Trixie/Scripts.htm work on Firefox.
The PageBreakIndicator doesn't yet, but I hope to fix it (not sure why
the onscroll event isn't firing - any idea?). Also, check out the
Hotmail Previewer (written by a pal of mine) - works better on Firefox
than IE.

Some of you commented that it is closed source. Well, yeah, as I said
I didn't think much about all this. Will I make it open source? I am
thinking about it but I don't promise it. Not because I am opposed to
it, but because I am not sure I have the time commitment towards doing

There were mentions of the use of the .NET framework. I did consider
writing it in C++, but then which IE user doesn't have the framework
installed (not counting all those on Win9x of course). And besides, it
would have definitely taken much longer than 3-4 hours.

Will I add more features like cross domain xmlhttp? I am looking into it.

So, all you IE users, have fun without Firefox envy. And all you
Firefox script writers - if you have a script that works on IE, send
it my way and I shall link it from the Trixie website. And do consider
writing scripts that work on both Firefox and IE. Maybe we could add
little icons next to the scripts on Jeremy's script repository to
indicate which browsers they work on.


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