[Greasemonkey] context menu feature request

Bill Donnelly donnelly at snowcrest.net
Fri Jan 21 04:40:36 EST 2005

Nato Welch wrote:
 > Have you checked out bookmarklets?
 > http://www.squarefree.com/bookmarklets/
 > They're a way to put javascript snippets into bookmarks.
 > {SNIP}
 > Nato Welch
 > nate at asaim.com

Yes, I am a big bookmarklet user. (and programmer)

And, no -- AFAIK there are no extensions that allow
access to bookmarks (or bookmarklets) from the context
menu. There are a couple who plan something like that
in the "future." If I am wrong, someone please inform me.
Apparently, it is not easy to work with the right-click
context menu in FF extensions. Or so I've heard.

Note also that there is a pretty big (?) difference
twixt BM's and GM scripts. I don't know if there is
an actual upper size limit to BM's. Maybe not.
(except known limits in IE) But BM's are quite
difficult to maintain, at the very least, since
there are certain requirements to BM coding
(especially good coding) that is different from
GM scripts. ("compression", and such...)

Where context menu functionality is really needed is
on pages that remove the menu from the window.

Also, BM's are always (I believe) executed in context
to the main/top document of a page. Which is irritating
when you want the BM to execute on a frame document.
So you have to make the BM execute on all documents
"in the page" (top, frames, iframes, etc.), which is
NOT easy, and requires additional coding.

AND also may not be what you want if you really only
want to execute the BM on and in context to the
specific frame that you (right-) click on.

AND THEN there is the ability to reference a specific
object, as well, such as an image, or some other object
on the page/frame/document that you might ONLY want the
BM/script to "work on" or know about, etc.
This (extended) functionality is also not supplied by
any extension, either, (yet) I'm pretty sure.

So, you see, it starts getting rather difficult and
complex and involved past what we are able to do today.

But, what else is new?

If I can get my act together, I will try to donate some
time to programming some of this stuff myself, rather
than keep asking others to supply it, since we all have
lives and such, and all of this work is donated by the
people who are doing it as their limited, valuable,
personal time is available, for which we are all
eternally grateful and cannot offer sufficient thanks
often enough.

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