[Greasemonkey] Script failing

Brendan Crosser-McGay verifex at gmail.com
Wed Aug 31 20:51:49 EDT 2005


Every now and then when I'm loading this script on the CB (carnageblender) 
home page, and I hit the "fight" button, I get a error and the script simply 
fails. The strange thing about this is that if I open a new tab and log into 
gmail, and then go back to CB, the error goes away. I don't know how to 
explain this. But I've had this happen many times. If nothing else is open 
and I try CB, it fails, not every single time, but enough for me to notice a 
pattern. I wish I could give you more examples of the error I'm getting, but 
it seems as though GM isn't giving me error messages anymore, hmmm. Maybe 
looking at the script is enough?


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