[Greasemonkey] Greasemonkey died today?

Drew Amato drewamato at gmail.com
Wed Aug 31 02:07:23 EDT 2005

I hate to increase the noise to signal ratio even more, but what I
don't get is why I (and presumably all the other gmail users) can see
Bill's HTML, but not Steve's.

My Gmail seems to (normally) scrub all HTML, whether it's the only
content-type (like Steve's) or part of a multipart/alternative (which
is what Bill's is). I have tried everything possible to send HTML
emails to myself, and they all get rendered as plain text. So why can
I see Bill's +1 and black? Why are Bill's emails magic?

Like I said, I know this isn't the place for the conversation, but
I've been going crazy trying to find the answer, and I figured this
was my last chance to get some restful sleep.

On 31/08/05, Bill Donnelly <donnelly at snowcrest.net> wrote:
>         It was a joke, son. Don't fall on your sword. ;)
>  People have been giving me crap about HTML-formatted email
>  and too-large fonts and I was making light of the situation, is all.
>  I don't care what people do. If the font is too big, I hit Ctrl-Minus.
>  Too small and I hit Ctrl-Plus. Can't see it through weird colors, just
>  View it as Simple HTML or Plain Text. (I remembered that that's
>  what I do in Tbird — it's rarely needed, though)
>  And the email html had an actual bgcolor="#ffff99"
>  and text="#660000" in the body tag. So my system just
>  displayed what you sent, apparently. Don't know what
>  happened there.
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> It's only fair, after all.
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