[Greasemonkey] "Invalid document, could not get global object" error?

Michael Kraft mjk4984 at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 28 14:11:33 EDT 2005

--- Aaron Boodman <zboogs at gmail.com> wrote:

> In my testing, the first progress change event after document_start
> had the correct document in place already, but it seems like sometimes
> document unload is slower than that :-(.
I don't know why it occurs mostly on this page.  The server is sometimes lagged
down, but even when it isn't it seems to have problems.  I've seen that error
in the log for other pages on occasions.

> You seem proficient with extension dev. If you can come up with a
> patch that does this (Grabs whatever is in new
> XPCNativeWrapper(unsafeWindow, "document").document and wait until the
> first progresschange that it is different, and fixes your problem, and
> doesn't seem to break anything else, I'll add it.

I supposed I can try though it will take me a while to understand what GM is
actually doing.  As far as I can tell it intercept statechanges on page, but
trying to follow this in the log is very difficult, especially for pages with
frames on them since it doesn't log what page initiated what window/frame or
URL/location caused the event.

Did it used to do all this in 0.3.1 because I never had problems with that version?

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