[Greasemonkey] Unix Editing ...

Nikolas Coukouma lists at atrus.org
Sun Aug 28 15:39:14 EDT 2005

chris feldmann wrote:
> What I meant is that on other platforms (one of which I use 
> extensively because it's so damn nice, and a unix to boot, and the 
> other which I am forced to have around to make sure my work, websites, 
> will function properly for the majority of the visitors, who tend to 
> use software from a large, oft-reviled comercial manufacturer), the 
> edit button can easily be pointed at an executable text editor. Then 
> you're done. In unix, so far, one has to write a script, and this is 
> an extra step that could possibly be avoided by defaulting to, say, 
> xterm and vi. Cross-platform would mean one button editing out of the box.
The current behavior is consistent across all platforms: GUI editors 
work and command-line ones do not.
The only difference is that command-line editors are more popular in 
*nix. You can run vim under OS X and Windows, too, and you'll have the 
exact same problem.

Defaulting to launching a terminal with the program isn't great because 
if you choose a GUI program then you'll get a terminal and the editor 
window, and then have to suspend, background, and disown the process to 
close the terminal. I don't know of a way to detect whether a program 
expects a terminal or not. There's also the issue of having two 
procedures for launching programs (one for *nix and Windows, the other 
for OS X).

Yeah, this sucks. The best solution I have right now is detecting that 
the platform is *nix and adding "how to use a shell script workaround" 
to the dialog. Again, I'll see if I can get processes fixed in Deer Park 
so that we can do something easier.

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