[Greasemonkey] Unix Editing ...

Nikolas Coukouma lists at atrus.org
Sun Aug 28 15:21:51 EDT 2005

chris feldmann wrote:
> You know, actually, it's not way outside my expertise at all. It's 
> probably just a call to 
> Classes.components["@mozilla/something/orother;1"].getService.interfaces/someService, 
> right?
> Shit, now I'm interested in looking at it but I gotta go to work. But 
> it might be useful for me to play with it instead of reporting 
> symptoms, waiting for feedback, tweaking, reporting symptoms, which is 
> kind of like a blind man talking to another over a phone getting the 
> second to dial a phone with a stick.
> Well, either way, i'll probably do that when I get back. But I'm off now.
There is no service that provides a terminal, in the VTxxx-emulator 
sense. You can create a *process* to launch a terminal (xterm, rxvt, 
whatever) very easily, including command-line arguments. The problem is, 
as I mentioned before, that processes are totally borked under OS X.

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