[Greasemonkey] editing on the fly, linux

Nikolas Coukouma lists at atrus.org
Mon Aug 22 19:45:57 EDT 2005

n_powell wrote:

> Sorry if this is obtuse, but I want to confim what I am reading in
> the archives. Is there any way for a *NIX user to click on edit
> scripts in the Tools menu and have it open an editor?
> I have been writing scripts and having a good time, but it has been
> time consuming since I have been reinstalling the script to get it
> to update and that is not a lot of fun. So if is possible or there
> is a work around I would be grateful for the advice.
We used a method that simply doesn't work under *nix. After some
kicking from people, it's been fixed in CVS and will be included in
the next release. See the bug for details and a build to try (for the


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