[Greasemonkey] A question from the ignorant

data64 data64 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 21 00:09:15 EDT 2005

Andrew Bell wrote:
>  > If the "bandwidth saving" means blocking inline HTML, not external files
>  > linked in to the web page, then there is no way to dothat without 
> knowing
>  > the exact byte ranges that have to be downloaded.
> The particular page I want to apply greasemonkey-style clean-up to is an 
> online game, where each move is a new page, with a random new ad.  The 
> ad itself isn't the issue, it's the poor general layout of the page. 
> Even on decent-sized screens, it can require scrolling to see important 
> info.  I have modification code that improves things, but the page 
> initially displays without the mods, and I can at times accidentally 
> click on the wrong control as a result.

I think you need to use a Proxy based tool for this rather than 
greasemonkey. Take a look at Privoxy or Proximodo and if you are on 
Windows then Proximotron. These will let you change the html/js on the 
page before it reaches the browser.


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