[Greasemonkey] somebody got too much time on his hand? try this. (was Re: Hooking into Gmail)

Stephan Walter stephan at walter.name
Mon Aug 22 17:41:06 EDT 2005

Hi everyone,

Here is something I wanted to implement, but never quite had the time, 
but maybe someone else finds the idea interesting:

In 3 words: PGP for Gmail

In detail:
Implement PGP in Javascript. Much work has already been done, see 
This is for encryption, so one would have to write the decryption and 
the key handling code. And then you'd have to hack it into the Gmail 
interface, but there is already a lot of stuff being done about that.

Keys of other people could be fetched from a keyserver with an 
xmlhttprequest and then stored in the contact list. One problem would be 
storing one's own private key securely...

What do you think about it? Possible? (don't tell me it would be hard, I 
can guess that much :-)


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