[Greasemonkey] Quick'n'Dirty JS filetype changer

Nikolas Coukouma lists at atrus.org
Mon Aug 22 09:44:01 EDT 2005

GuidoZ wrote:

> I love GM and have been recommending it to alot of people. One of
> the problems I've run into that I wouldn't expect to - people were
> having problems changing the JS files to be text instead of script
> (execute). So I decided to write a few .REG files at first to help
> them, which turned into batch files that auto-merged the REG files,
> and evemtually became an EXE that is self-contained for the whole
> thing (using Quick Batch File compiler).


Hum, I prefer the following procedure:
1. Shift+right-click on a .user.js file
2. Select Open With ...
3. Use the dialog to pick a program and select "always use this
program ..."

The next version of Greasemonkey will let you choose your own editor
to use with user scripts. See the bug for details and a build to try
(for the brave):


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