[Greasemonkey] How to uninstall greasemonkey?

chris feldmann cfeldmann at gmail.com
Sat Aug 20 19:30:38 EDT 2005

On 8/20/05, Valerio Messina <efa at iol.it> wrote:
> Jeremy Dunck ha scritto:
> >>Are you sure you deleted everything for the active profile?
> 1 - I deleted gm_scripts and chrome\greasemonkey directory in all the
> users profile directory.
> 2 - Then I deleted every "greasemonkey" word recurrency in
> Q:\Documents&settings directory
> of all the users configured in my system.
> In particular in all my pref.js I deleted these lines:
> user_pref("greasemonkey.enabled", false);
> user_pref("greasemonkey.version", "0.5");
> user_pref("greasemonkey.warnedWindowsEditor", true);
> 3 - Then I deleted every word "greasemonkey" recurrency in
> P:\Programmi\mozilla.org\Mozilla directory.
> In particular I deleted these lines:
> file: installed-chrome.txt
> content,install,url,
> file:///Q:/DOCUMENTS%20AND%20SETTINGS/myLogin/DATI%20APPLICAZIONI/Mozilla/Profiles/default/randomString.slt/chrome/greasemonkey/content/
> content,install,url,
> file:///Q:/DOCUMENTS%20AND%20SETTINGS/ROOT/DATI%20APPLICAZIONI/Mozilla/Profiles/default/randomString.slt/chrome/greasemonkey/content/
> content,install,url,
> file:///Q:/DOCUMENTS%20AND%20SETTINGS/ADMINISTRATOR/DATI%20APPLICAZIONI/Mozilla/Profiles/default/randomString.slt/chrome/greasemonkey/content/
> file: chrome.rdf
> <RDF:li RDF:resource="urn:mozilla:package:greasemonkey"/>
> files: overlays.rdf
> <RDF:li>chrome://greasemonkey/content/browser.xul</RDF:li>
> The problem is gone. Now MozBrowser start correctly in every user.
> Thanks for the help. I don't think so much user can do this procedure
> manually :-(

It sounds to me like what you did was to corrupt your mozilla configuration 
files. In the future, to uninstall greasemonkey or any extension, use the 
panel at tools>extensions. Higlight the extension and uninstall. This 

- login with a powerUser account
- do not run/close Mozilla
- rename the directory:
"Q:\Documents and Settings\efa\Dati
"Q:\Documents and Settings\efa\Dati
- delete "Q:\Documents and Settings\efa\Dati

Will make it so mozilla cannot start at all. But further, you are using 
mozilla, not firefox. Greasemonkey is only designed to run on firefox.

Where others greasemonkey write settings or files ?
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