[Greasemonkey] How to uninstall greasemonkey?

Valerio Messina efa at iol.it
Sat Aug 20 23:25:59 EDT 2005

Jeremy Dunck ha scritto:
>>Are you sure you deleted everything for the active profile?
1 - I deleted gm_scripts and chrome\greasemonkey directory in all the
users profile directory.
2 - Then I deleted every "greasemonkey" word recurrency in
    Q:\Documents&settings directory
    of all the users configured in my system.
    In particular in all my pref.js I deleted these lines:
user_pref("greasemonkey.enabled", false);
user_pref("greasemonkey.version", "0.5");
user_pref("greasemonkey.warnedWindowsEditor", true);

3 - Then I deleted every word "greasemonkey" recurrency in
    P:\Programmi\mozilla.org\Mozilla   directory.
    In particular I deleted these lines:
file: installed-chrome.txt

file: chrome.rdf
<RDF:li RDF:resource="urn:mozilla:package:greasemonkey"/>

files: overlays.rdf

The problem is gone. Now MozBrowser start correctly in every user.
Thanks for the help. I don't think so much user can do this procedure
manually :-(

Where others greasemonkey write settings or files ?

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