[Greasemonkey] How to uninstall greasemonkey?

Valerio Messina efa at iol.it
Sat Aug 20 14:12:11 EDT 2005

Valerio Messina ha scritto:
> After I install it on Win2K, MozillaBrowser start only if I logged in
> with an admin accounts.
> I cannot find a uninstall button or procedure, how to uninstall
> greasemonkey?
> Please help me. Now I can use only MozillaMail, the browser cannot start ...
Seems that the Browser is in executions, but cannot show his windows.
If start directly the Browser, I see the task in task manager, but it
remain with the splash screen and do nothing more.
If I start the Mailer, it start correctly, but:
- I cannot show mail source windows: CTRL-U or view menu, message source.
- if I start the browser with, icons, menu windows, or other, it never
show it windows. If then I close the Mailer, the task Mozilla never
gone. I must kill it with taskManager.
any idea?

greasemonkey 0.5beta on MozillaSuite1.7.11it on Win2Ksp4.

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