[Greasemonkey] Using functions in JavaScript Includes

Richard Wallis Richard.Wallis at talis.com
Thu Aug 18 17:09:50 EDT 2005


I want to be able to reuse a set of functions in several Greasemonkey
scripts.  To keep things simple I want to create a utils.js script file
to keep them in and then load that file in each xx.user.js.

For test purposes here is the contents of utils.js:

function fun1(){

	alert("<H1>Hello world</H1>");

I would expect that document.write("<script
src='http://myserver.com/scripts/utils.js'></script>"); would load the
file for me.  I know it does because if I uncomment the GM_log() I get a
not defined error.

If I try to call fun1(); from my .user.js script I get a not defined

Any ideas if what I want to do is possible, and if it is what is my
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