[Greasemonkey] IE/JScript and Firefox/JS Diffs

Stephen Cunliffe scunliffe at digitalfairway.com
Mon Aug 15 17:55:47 EDT 2005


There is one minor workaround....

See Creating a Hosted Favelet^H^H^H^H^H^H^HBookmark:

By dynamically inserting the Script, from some hosted source, you can 
get around this.

There are obvious drawbacks though...
1.) Need a host
2.) Must be connected to the Net
3.) If host goes down, bookmarklet is useless
4.) Bandwidth requirements... (over time)
5.) Portability when offline

I'd stick with Firefox if you can, but if you are stuck, these work.


Bill Donnelly wrote:

> _/*Bastid!*/_
> That's exactly what it is. I didn't think it was that big.
> But it's a little over 600 characters.
> Yet another reason why I don't like IE.
> It used to be about 2000 characters, but then they changed it in 6,
> I believe. And now I hear they are going to make it even smaller,
> or have, in 7, and future versions. Which wouldn't be that bad
> if there was a decent work-around, but I don't think there is.
> I'll look around, though. Mebbe some bright person came up with something.
> Anyway.....
> Thanks!
>Sometimes bad things happen to good people.
>When that happens, those good people should
>seek out and find some bad people.
>And then do something bad to them.
>Just to even things out.
>It's only fair, after all.
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