[Greasemonkey] New Greasemonkey UI

Valentin Laube valentin.laube at gmx.net
Sat Aug 13 01:14:56 EDT 2005

Valentin Laube wrote:
> Unfortunately there seems to be a problem with customizing the toolbar. 
> If you remove the Greasemonkey button from the toolbar the wrong icon 
> shows up in the dialog. If you drag it back to the toolbar it stays this 
> way but reverts to the monkey if you restart Firefox.
> I don't know whats happening there, maybe somebody else does...

I have fixed that bug, see the attachement.
I also changed the style of the button. Now its similar to the back 
button, if you click the monkey GM is disabled and if you click the 
dropdown indicator the popup pops up.

- Valentin
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