[Greasemonkey] DRAFT: OT: context menu display bug and DeerPark status?

Alec Burgess (g) buralex at gmail.com
Wed Aug 10 23:26:05 EDT 2005

Hi All:

OFFTOPIC but hoping some of the Greasemonkey regulars can provide input.

I haven't used DeerPark-Alpha yet but know many of you do. (Am I right that
DeerPark is what *was* going to be Firefox 1.1 and now will be 1.5 at some
time - probably late fall)

Anyway, as I've added extensions my context menu (rClick in the page
display) has grown and it the top of the context menu gets truncated. I
finally got frustrated enough to search bugzilla and found this bug:

Its enormously long, has a lot of nasty comments, appears to be the target
that many other bugs have been marked as duplicates of ...

Two thirds of the way down there are comments that fix exitst for 1.1:
2005-02-20 13:24 PDT The fix is available in the latest nightly builds,
which can be obtained at:

These builds are not releases and therefore aren't intended for daily use.
It is advised to wait until Firefox 1.1 is released to upgrade.

On: http://www.mozilla.org/projects/firefox/
It says: >>Deer Park Alpha 2 is now available for download. Deer Park Alpha
2 is an alpha release of our next generation Firefox browser and it is being
made available for testing purposes only for developers and the testing
community. Current users of Mozilla Firefox 1.0.x should not download or use
Deer Park Alpha 2<<

So for those who used it:
1) - How are long context menus handled in Deerpark: top/bottom
scrollarrows, scrollarrows, reposition lower when it would overflow top of
screen, other, still broken?

2) - Is DeerPark-Alpha-2 "close enough" that its likely to be useable by a
power-user who doesn't want to get too deeply involved in the development

Regards ... Alec
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