[Greasemonkey] making http requests and waiting for completion

Dave Land land at aol.com
Wed Aug 10 18:41:21 EDT 2005

On Aug 10, 2005, at 5:22 PM, Jeremy Dunck wrote:

>> Understanding that this is a Greasemonkey list, so my question may be 
>> a
>> little off-topic, do you (does anyone) know of a way to selectively
>> block or remove specific scripts before they get a chance to gum up 
>> the
>> works?
> AdBlock (or similar extension) the script URL?

Thanks, but these are a slew of little in-line scripts throughout the 
that look like this:

<script language="Javascript">

I'd have to block the whole page, which would be kind of counter-
productive :-). Similarly, I could turn off javascript altogether, but
that also seems counter-productive in the Greasemonkey context.

I'll try Mark's recommendation of Console Filter to see if it does the
trick, but I'd still like a more general solution to stupid inline

Perhaps a way to insert JavaScript before the page gets going and doing
dumb things... Or a way to create (or override) a missing (or broken)
function like showNetworkBanner() above.

Sounds like a great security hole in the making, doesn't it?


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