[Greasemonkey] making http requests and waiting for completion

Dave Land land at aol.com
Wed Aug 10 17:56:02 EDT 2005


First of all, thank you for all your contributions to Greasemonkey.

You wrote:

> GM does not execute early enough to stop content scripts from running,
> generally speaking.

I came to this realization while working on a script that targets a
site that generates seven Javascript errors on every page load -- it
made debugging scripts for that site more difficult, as I kept having
to scroll past the page's effluvia before getting to my GM_log output.

Understanding that this is a Greasemonkey list, so my question may be a
little off-topic, do you (does anyone) know of a way to selectively
block or remove specific scripts before they get a chance to gum up the

Dave Land

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