[Greasemonkey] Greasemonkey list preferences reference and associated info

Bill Donnelly donnelly at snowcrest.net
Wed Aug 10 01:45:55 EDT 2005

Here is a list to date of all Greasemonkey preferences for reference.
So you can search these emails for the prefs and find general and 
specific info.
greasemonkey. is the prefix.
Three are boolean values (true/false), two are string values.
Mosts prefs are set by Greasemonkey itself.
logChrome is a special pref for Gm internals debugging.
The editorToUse pref is not used anymore I believe.

greasemonkey.enabled               boolean
greasemonkey.logChrome             boolean
greasemonkey.version               string
greasemonkey.warnedWindowsEditor   boolean

greasemonkey.editorToUse           string?

There are also Gm script-writer settable pref values using the name 

greasemonkey.scriptvals.SCRIPT_NAMESPACE.SCRIPT_NAME.VALUE_NAME   string


SCRIPT_NAMESPACE  == The Script Namespace Gm @namespace metadata value
SCRIPT_NAME       == The Script Name Gm @name metadata value
VALUE_NAME        == The script-specified name for the value

These are set and retrieved using the GM_setValue() and GM_getValue() 
functions. (see below)

Another non-Gm preference that is valuable to know and use is:

javascript.options.showInConsole   boolean

These can be seen and created or modified using *about:config* in the 
Firefox browser.

And, for the record, here is a list of the Gm GM_* functions that are 
by Gm for script-writer use in GmScripts:


This info, and more, is, or will be, available at the 
site, among other locations.

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