[Greasemonkey] Bug: User script doesn't always execute in GM 0.5

Nikolas Coukouma lists at atrus.org
Tue Aug 9 16:25:53 EDT 2005

Michael Kraft wrote:

>>What's "slow"?  Slowest I've got is 1.3 GHz.  I could use Virtual PC
>>to penalize it a bit, I guess.
>Actually I thought the speed of the computer had to do with it.  It seems to be
>the actual loading speed of the page because I'm experiencing the problem to a
>much greater degree today and my network is much slower today.
>So it's almost as if the script does not run if the page loads too slowly. 
>I've tried using an "load" event handler, but then the script doesn't fire at
>all (possibly because I reference objects in the page).
>Like I mentioned, 0.3.5 doesn't seem to have this problem.
I'm guessing that if you turn on greasemonkey.logChrome, you'll see an
error message. I wish there was an easy way to select multiple items in
the JS console so you could easily copy the entire dialog.

Basically, GM watches as a page loads and wait for the "skeleton
document" to be made and grabs it's references then. The idea is that we
want to get a copy of the document before the page has had an
oppurtunity to mess with it. I suspect that this isn't happening for
some reason.

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