[Greasemonkey] Thanks for OSCON presentation

Kirby Krueger kirbyk at gmail.com
Tue Aug 9 10:30:03 EDT 2005

Just dropping a quick note, since I see in the archives that people
were asking about the OSCON presentation.  I've been curious about
greasemonkey, so decided to stop by, despite several other interesting
talks in that timeslot.

I was really impressed (and surprised) at how _easy_ it was.  Aaron
gave a live demo on adding in a 'Kevin Bacon Number' to IMDB.  (The
only talk I went to that actually wrote code on the fly.)  Even over
the extremely flaky conference wireless, it worked smoothly, and left
me thinking, "Wow, I could do that."

Haven't yet, but I've got a few ideas to play with.  I've used company
resources to print out a copy of Dive Into Greasemonkey.  Now I've
just got to wrangle up a few spare hours and come up with something
stupid and cool.

The talk was definitely well recieved.  Aaron came across as a hacker
who just wanted to do something nifty, and didn't quite believe how
successful his project was.  Happy that other people think his toy is
cool, but a bit mystified at being asked to give a talk that people
would pay to see.  Or the idea that greasemonkey could change the way
people use the web.

I think it's a very powerful piece of software.  I'm personally a perl
developer, and use javascript sparingly (it's a useful tool, but not
super fun to develop in) - but greasemonkey can fit in extremely well
there.  I can run a perl application on my site that does whatever
complex data munging I want, output it in a useful format, and then
have greasemonkey call it and paste the data into a website.

Anyway, good presentation, I can't wait to start playing with this stuff.

-- Kirby

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