[Greasemonkey] Bug: User script doesn't always execute in GM 0.5

Michael Kraft mjk4984 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 9 06:12:41 EDT 2005

>What's "slow"?  Slowest I've got is 1.3 GHz.  I could use Virtual PC
>to penalize it a bit, I guess.

Actually I thought the speed of the computer had to do with it.  It seems to be
the actual loading speed of the page because I'm experiencing the problem to a
much greater degree today and my network is much slower today.

So it's almost as if the script does not run if the page loads too slowly. 
I've tried using an "load" event handler, but then the script doesn't fire at
all (possibly because I reference objects in the page).

Like I mentioned, 0.3.5 doesn't seem to have this problem.

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