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Bill Donnelly donnelly at snowcrest.net
Sat Aug 6 01:27:28 EDT 2005

That's an actual Firefox internals error, so there's probably
not much that can be done about it, if anything at all.
Unlike other 'bad'/fatal errors, which they can be sent info
on with the auto-error reporting system, (whatever it's called)
they don't know about these errors unless someone reports them.
I guess they're not that big of a deal, except they clog up the
console with messages. Which does tend to slow down Ffx
at some point. They really need to have some sort of an
automatic 'clear error messages' feature after N messages or
some amount of time.

I get this one all the time:

Error: this.docShell has no properties
Source File: chrome://global/content/bindings/browser.xml
Line: 0

With version 1.0.6, I now get this one all the time:

Error: document.commandDispatcher.focusedElement.parentNode has no 
Source File: chrome://global/content/findBar.js
Line: 282

Sometimes bad things happen to good people.
When that happens, those good people should
seek out and find some bad people.
And then do something bad to them.
Just to even things out.
It's only fair, after all.

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