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Jason Schramm jason.schramm at gmail.com
Fri Aug 5 22:18:39 EDT 2005

I think it would be better as an extension, or a toolbar. Then you
could just enter terms in the bar, as if you were searching in one


On 8/2/05, Mark Pilgrim <pilgrim at gmail.com> wrote:
> So anyway, this is what I was working on just before the recent
> security unpleasantness.  Consider this a preview of "Greasemonkey
> Hacks".  Not all the hacks are this good; some of them are even
> better.
> http://diveintomark.org/projects/greasemonkey/magicline.user.js
> It tracks your browsing and collects
> - page URLs
> - page titles
> - referrers
> - Author, description, keywords from <meta> tags
> - Technorati tags from rel="tag" links
> - XFN links
> - autodiscovered RSS/Atom feeds
> - autodiscovered FOAF files
> Then you can press Control + Shift + L anywhere to get the MagicLine
> prompt.  Start typing, and it autocompletes based on all the data it's
> collected so far.
> Example: visit http://philringnalda.com/ and then type "mark" into the
> MagicLine prompt.  MagicLine autocompletes my name and my home page
> because it parsed them from Phil's FOAF file.  (MagicLine currently
> caches FOAF files forever.)
> Another example: visit http://del.icio.us/popular/ and then type part
> of the title of one of the links into the MagicLine prompt.  MagicLine
> autocompletes the title and URL, because all pages on del.icio.us have
> autodiscoverable RSS feeds.  (MagicLine caches RSS feeds for 24
> hours.)
> Downside: no UI for options yet.  Also, it stores everything with
> GM_setValue, which stores everything in prefs.js.  Browsing gets a bit
> slow after you have about 1000 saved items, and you'll need to clean
> out your prefs.js file manually.  I still like it though, as an
> example of how far Greasemonkey can go.  The next step (in my copious
> free time) will probably be to make an extension out of it so it can
> use a more scalable storage mechanism.
> Oh, and it works in Deer Park. :)  Enjoy.
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> Cheers,
> -Mark
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