[Greasemonkey] MagicLine

Nikolas Coukouma lists at atrus.org
Fri Aug 5 22:17:48 EDT 2005

Mark Pilgrim wrote:

> Also, it stores everything with GM_setValue, which stores
> everything in prefs.js. Browsing gets a bit slow after you have
> about 1000 saved items, and you'll need to clean out your prefs.js
> file manually. I still like it though, as an example of how far
> Greasemonkey can go. The next step (in my copious free time) will
> probably be to make an extension out of it so it can use a more
> scalable storage mechanism.

An idea to help with this: store a current index, and store (another
per-page) value mapping indexes to iIndex values. Roll the current
index around to 0 at your convenience to start clobbering values.

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