[Greasemonkey] How can I save the content of a document?

Edward Lee edilee at gmail.com
Thu Aug 4 10:49:43 EDT 2005

On 8/4/05, Paul Lenz <paul at lenz-online.de> wrote:
> Perhaps the command GM_setValue() can help me? But where
> will Greasemonkey store the data? How can an other programm
> access the data?

That's an interesting idea.. It seems like prefs.js is updated right
away (or very soon) after something in about:config is modified, so I
would assume GM_setValue would trigger the same action of writing to
prefs.js. That file is located in the profile directory, and you would
probably want to look for a line somewhat like..

user_pref("greasemonkey...namespace...variable," "<the value>");

But that's how it works for now. Later versions of greasemonkey could
possibly use some other storage; although, I haven't heard anything
about doing that.


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