[Greasemonkey] How can I save the content of a document?

Jeremy Dunck jdunck at gmail.com
Thu Aug 4 12:43:06 EDT 2005

On 8/4/05, Paul Lenz <paul at lenz-online.de> wrote:
> Perhaps the command GM_setValue() can help me? But where
> will Greasemonkey store the data? How can an other programm
> access the data?

It currently stores it in prefs.js under your profile directory.  Once
the content is in that file, your program can read it normally.

Look for a line like:
user_pref("greasemonkey.scriptvals.<your namespace>.<your script
name>.<the name your script sets>", "the value you set");

However, note that we'll be moving the storage location sometime in
the future; it'll still be stored in a file, but the location of the
file the internal format of it will change.  Additionally, I'll bet
there's people on both sides of the issue of whether or not to encrypt
the contents.

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