[Greasemonkey] Re: GM Statusbar Icon

Jeff Barr jeff at vertexdev.com
Thu Aug 4 10:08:23 EDT 2005

Jeremy asks:

> Would it really be useful?

I am not sure. My motivation on this (as on the dialog proposal) is that
we need
to make sure that web surfers are very comfortable with this entire page
modification concept. If they have full knowledge of what is happening,
control of what transpires, and a way to see it is action, I think we
can get

Another way to do some of this might be to have a version of GM that is
itself scriptable in some fashion (a meta-monkey, if you will) that
would allow
a script to tell GM what to do (load page, apply a script, etc.). This
would allow
for the construction of demos, very clean management of script
generation of animation, and so forth.

I'm throwing all of this out not as must-haves, but just to see if we
push the boundaries of what's possible here. So feel free to laugh at
or all of this, or to say "yeah, I'm thinking the same thing."


On Thu, 4 Aug 2005 10:32:23 -0500, "Jeremy Dunck" <jdunck at gmail.com>
> On 8/4/05, Jeff Barr <jeff at vertexdev.com> wrote:
> > Alternatively, how about some kind of animated display of:
> > 
> > 1 - The original page HTML
> > 2 - #1 as modified by first matching script
> > 3 - #2 as modified by second matching script
> > 4 - etc.
> There's a technical problem with this idea, as well.  Scripts get
> injected before the DOMLoad completes, and well before the user could
> choose to execute one.  Some scripts will depend on this to work
> correctly.
> I suppose a hacky way to get there would be to reload the page each
> time, remembering some state between the loads to indicate that this
> time we should inject the first 4 of 7 scripts.
> Would it really be useful?
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