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Brendan Crosser-McGay verifex at gmail.com
Thu Aug 4 03:05:21 EDT 2005

On 8/3/05, Jeff Barr <jeff at vertexdev.com> wrote:
> While I am throwing out random ideas, what about some kind of
> "safe" GM mode which basically generates the list of scripts
> that would modify the page, then asks the user which ones
> should be run in some kind of popup with a list of scripts
> and checkboxes:
> +----------------------------------------------------------+
> | The following scripts would like to modify this page: |
> | |
> | [ ] Fix links to open on page |
> | [ ] Detect and submit RSS feeds |
> | [ ] Remove banner ads |
> | |
> | [Run Checked Scripts] [Run All] [Run None] |
> | |
> +----------------------------------------------------------+
> This mode could be a great way to build up confidence in
> GM for new users. Once they see what is happening to the
> page, the mystery around GM and what it is doing will
> quickly evaporate.
> Jeff;
> That sounds like a lot of work to generate all that for very little return 
based on the way GM functions right now. Most people who use greasemonkey at 
all are definately going to know what scripts they are running. If 
greasemonkey wasn't dependant on installing scripts to work, then that might 
be an option worth looking into. That actually might be another idea right 
there. Put in a special allow box in the GM main screen that allows specific 
pages/domains access to GM functions directly. I know it sounds a bit "out 
there" but it would allow for new kinds of web pages to be designed. 
Possibly. I can see it being used primarily on internal networks, but thats 
still something.

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