[Greasemonkey] MagicLine

Jeff Barr jeff at vertexdev.com
Wed Aug 3 23:21:56 EDT 2005

Whoa, there's a lot of stuff in there.

So, you guys know what's going to happen next, right? Mark is
going to add some kind of extensibility model to this, and
we'll have Firefox running GM running MagicLine running a whole
host of extensions!

Seriously, this looks really cool.

 > defines one of the very few bits of style you don't override

Is there some generic way to solve this "style inheritance" issue?
My lame little script creates its own UI inside of a DIV, and
it seems like there's always "just one more attribute" to
override to make sure that page styles don't affect the way
that it looks.


Phil Ringnalda wrote:
> Mark Pilgrim wrote:
>> http://diveintomark.org/projects/greasemonkey/magicline.user.js
>> Oh, and it works in Deer Park. :)  Enjoy.
> Great Googly Moogly! That is one impressive little bit of script (nice 
> that your very first two things are something I had to look up last 
> night, because I was normalizing okay but not trimming quite right).
> But, you know how I always break your stuff right away? Second place I 
> went after installing it was 
> http://www.niallkennedy.com/blog/archives/2005/07/atom_10_templat.html 
> where Niall defines one of the very few bits of style you don't 
> override, a text-indent of -18px on ul li.
> Phil Ringnalda
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