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Nikolas Coukouma lists at atrus.org
Wed Aug 3 17:58:15 EDT 2005

Alex Thomson wrote:

>On 8/3/05, Jason Schramm <jason.schramm at gmail.com> wrote:
>>But the system should also be simple, and branching will complicate
>>things. How hard do we want to make it to find a script to use? If you
>>have to choose among 5 versions of the same script it will be
>>confusing and a big turnoff.
>Unless a non-branching system means that the 4 non-original versions
>simply do not get published, then branching doesn't really make this
>any worse.  In an ideal implementation, it actually makes everything
>clearer by indicating just how similar all these versions are.
I think this is especially true if there are comments about *why* the
branch was made.
"fixing it in DeerPark"
"adding MySpiffyFeature"


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