[Greasemonkey] I am looking for 2 scripts bis

cxp1 at free.fr cxp1 at free.fr
Wed Aug 3 11:30:22 EDT 2005


> I am looking for 2 scripts :
> 1) like slogger or control S, automaticly save all www pages in
> specified directory eg : C:\Documents and Settings\User\Mes
> documents\www pages ; 2) inject url, date and hour in "cliquable"
> colored link 

"Shehu Dikko" <news.shehu at gmx.net> answer me :

Try an extension instead, like the excellent ScrapBook:


Of course, I use already scrapbook firefox extension ans ad's, but the cliquable links are just in pages "scrapbooked" not in all pages that I save with slogger... I am looking for a greasemonkey script that makes the same thing, most simply than these "slogger" and "scrapbook" to inject cliquable link in all pages visited  without action  of  my  part...


Félix le Chat

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